Cross The Line

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cross: (verb) 1. to move from one side to another 2. to pass over mediocrity

With everything, there’s a line.

On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more responsibility). This is where you’ll find all those people you admire.

On the other side, there’s less of a chance.

And with each line, there’s a choice. You want to cross the line or you don’t. You want the better chance at making good things happen (meaningful things) or you settle with the lesser chance.

Your choice.

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those times – those times when in the short run it’ll seem like you can’t cross the line (no matter what you do). But then, those misses (those hurdles) in the short run will sometimes help you over the line in the long run (in a way you couldn’t have seen). They’ll serve as lessons, giving you more depth to your experience – making you stronger and better prepared for bigger and more important challenges you’ll face in the future.

But you won’t know that at the time.
At the time, you’ll just see that line.
And it might seem like a wall.
But it really is just a line (a line you want to cross).
And it’s yours to cross, but you have to decide (make that choice).

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those people – those people who’ve decided they’d rather not cross the line and would prefer you didn’t either (and unfortunately, sometimes those people might be your friends). Maybe they’ll sprinkle in a little doubt or withhold a little encouragement at just the right time (or even encourage you to do the wrong thing). Maybe they’ll be a little less subtle about it and just step directly in your way.

And then, every once in a while, there’ll be you – that inner voice that’ll try to tell you you’re not that special and that making something exceptional happen is for other people. (What are you thinking?)

Then there’ll be the work – the work that’ll be the real challenge that some people never face because of those times, those people, or that inner voice that keep us from putting in the effort and bouncing back when things get tough.

But there’s the line.
And it needs to be crossed.
And you can cross it.

It’s up to you.

(Which side will you choose?)

“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer.”

Fridtjof Nansen
Norwegian explorer

The essay above and how to Cross The Line (Commit, Work Hard, Focus, Bounce Back) are available in the cool little booklet here. It also includes a coaching section of questions to help you Cross The Line more effectively (and some notes pages for your thoughts).

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Personal notes on Cross the Line

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