Stunning Colleagues

Stunning Colleagues It's time to Cross the Line

We do well in our work by being valuable to someone else.

That’s it.

It seems to me that too many of us forget this too often… allowing ourselves to slip in and out of some state of ego-driven entitlement rather than obsessing over making good things happen for other people (so sad).

We need to get over ourselves and kick@ss for others. We do that and everything works.

The people at Netflix get it. They call it being a “stunning colleague.” (more on this below)

Don’t you love that… a stunning colleague? Aren’t stunning colleagues what we all want from the people we work with (and what we all want to be for others… yes, you do or you wouldn’t be here)?

We need to get tired of mediocrity and indifference and be positively surprising to our colleagues and customers/patients/ guests/ clients (and managers). We need to encourage each other more.


Stop seeking the complex answer and embrace the simple one…

Handle what it is you’ve been given to do. Contribute your piece of the equation.

“You gotta take responsibility for the place you hold here.”
– Oprah Winfrey

Smile & Move.

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On Netflix…

These guys started the business is 1997. From October 2008 to May 2011, they enjoyed a stock ride of $18.95 to over $200 a share. In April 2011, they reported first quarter sales of $718.55 million and a net income of $60.23 million. Those stunning colleagues appear to be doing a solid job.

If you’re interested, they’ve got a fantastic slide presentation about their culture that reads like a book. Very inspiring. It can be found here… (it’s the first one). I love it.