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Meetings and discussions are an opportunity. They're how we connect, how we learn, how we encourage, and how we inspire.

Used by thousands of people and organizations (click here to see some of our bigger customers), the fresh no-fluff messages and ideas below can help you help people be more engaged, positive, and results-focused.

Each of the 6 messages below are simple enough to kick off or support an upcoming meeting, project, or event, and deep enough to stand on their own as a central topic for any discussion or meeting.

Introduce. Discuss. Remind. Encourage.™

This how you help people get better.

Choose from our 6 meeting & discussion topics below

212 the extra degree

Inspire your team to embrace the extra effort and attention that creates great results. It begins with the premise, "At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one extra degree makes all the difference."

Be 212 (two-twelve) and enjoy more as a result!

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212 The Extra Degree Meeting & Discussion Package
Smile & Move Meeting & Discussion Package

Smile & Move

Encourage your people to be more positive and service-oriented in their efforts with customers and colleagues. There are 5 ways to smile (attitude-based: wake up, be thankful, be approachable, complain less, smile more) and 4 ways to move (action-based: start early and go long, go beyond expectations, have a sense of urgency, be resourceful and resilient).

Be inspired to Smove (Smile & Move)!

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Cross The Line

Help your team commit to going beyond mediocrity in everything they do. There are 4 keys to Crossing The Line – choose to commit, work hard, focus, bounce back. It begins with the premise that ... "With everything, there's a line. On one side of the line is a greater chance to make good things happen (better results, better relationships, more opportunities). On the other side, there's less of a chance. And with each line you have a choice. You want to cross the line or you don't."

Which side will you choose?

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Cross The Line Meeting & Discussion Package
Love Your People Meeting & Discussion Package

Love Your People

Inspire your people to be kinder and more accountable to each other and the people they serve. There are 8 points to Loving Your People – contribute, be kind, be patient, be honest, encourage people, apologize, forgive, thank people. No hugs, hearts, or puppy dogs.

It's about deeper care, trust, accountability.

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Lead Simply

Help your leaders focus on what's most important (and often missed) in creating a special team of people. Model. Connect. Involve. That's the framework. Model the behavior you want to see. Connect with the people you lead. Involve them as much as possible. That's it.

No fluff. No parables. No matrixes. Just truth.

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Lead Simply Meeting & Discussion Package


Create a sales team that's focused, resilient, and results-oriented. The 8 fundamentals behind it are: 1. Nothing interrupts the money hours 2. Start early & go long 3. Calls first, paperwork (data-entry) last 4. Open strong 5. Know everyone (network more) 6. Close comfortably & confidently 7. Solve problems (don't share them) 8. Evaluate your personal sales value.

Step up. Work hard. Be valuable. That's SalesTough.

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SalesTough Meeting & Discussion Package

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